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KERI: Camera trap images have repeatedly proven the presence of tigers inside the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. However, in recent months, residents have reported an increase in tiger movements in the sanctuary area.
The deaths of four tigers from poisoning reported to Golaulim in Sattari in January last year proved the presence of tigers in the upper parts of the sanctuary.
Recently, a male tiger has been sighted in the forested areas of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The tiger had attacked the cattle belonging to the Dhangar families residing in the sanctuary and its surroundings.
During the rainy season, locals reported repeated sightings of the big cat in and around the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, which was reaffirmed by the presence of dung, pugmarks and other evidence. However, camera traps failed to capture any images of the tigers.
Currently, the sanctuary has three female tigers, in addition to the adult male tiger.
“We have already asked our field staff to patrol and monitor the movement of tigers in the sanctuary. Our efforts are paying off in making the region a favorable natural habitat for tigers, ”Assistant Forest Conservator, Wildlife Division Jabestin Arulraj told TOI.
The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) in its 2020 report said the management of the sanctuary left “a lot to be desired” and without adequate strengthening of conservation efforts the place could become a “death trap for tigers”.
Unfortunately, even after more than two decades of declaring the Mhadei region as a sanctuary, it is managed on a completely ad-hoc basis “because there is no management plan,” the NTCA report noted.
“Although anti-poaching camps have been established in Mhadei Sanctuary, no appropriate protection mechanism exists. The increase in human activity poses a threat to tigers and their habitat here, ”said Bicholim animal keeper Subodh Naik.
Mhadei Sanctuary Range Ranger Deepak Tandel told TOI: “We are putting together a Tiger Task Force made up of our officials who will persistently work on protection and conservation. tigers “.
Mapusa-based NGO Goa Foundation has already approached the Bombay High Court in Goa to ask the state government to act on the NTCA report regarding tiger conservation in Goa.

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