Need to strengthen pandemic prevention: Wildlife Conservation Society

New York, December 3 In a consensus decision to protect the world from future infectious disease outbreaks, the decision to convene a special session of the World Health Assembly for pandemic preparedness has been hailed.

The special session agreed to launch a global process to draft and negotiate a convention, agreement or other international instrument under the constitution of the World Health Organization to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. .

In response to the development, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Vice President of International Policy Susan Lieberman said: Fair and sound science-based approach to pandemic prevention at source, including actions in commercial markets wildlife, forest degradation and associated biodiversity loss.

“Preparing for a pandemic is essential; governments must also agree to dramatically reduce the risk of spreading pathogens from animals to humans long before they become local epidemics, epidemics or global pandemics. “

“We need to change our relationship with nature and our uses of wildlife. We must protect ecosystems with high ecological integrity and function. And we need to stop encroaching on nature and reduce points of contact with wildlife to limit the fallout from wildlife pathogens to humans and their livestock.

“The trade and sale of live wild animals for human consumption, both legal and illegal, especially birds and mammals, poses a significant and unacceptable risk. This trade and the associated markets bring together domestic and wild animals with their pathogens, facilitating the transmission between species and the emergence of new viruses. We urge WHO / WHA to address these issues in the new treaty.

She added, “WCS looks forward to providing technical and scientific assistance to governments as they negotiate this new agreement. Treaties or agreements can be negotiated quickly if there is the political will and the next virus on hold is a clear signal that the governments of the world must find a positive, strong, fair and natural solution to prevent the next pandemic. “

WCS saves wildlife and wild places around the world through science, conservation, education and inspiring people to value nature.

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Betty T. Simpson