In a South African wildlife sanctuary, a majestic white lion with perfect hair is a hit.

In a South African wildlife sanctuary, a majestic white lion with immaculate hair is all the rage.

In a South African wildlife sanctuary, a stunning white-haired lion with a perfectly groomed mane proved to be a popular attraction.

At Glen Garriff Lion Conservation in Harrismith, South Africa, filmmaker and photographer Simon Needham, 55, captured the well-groomed lion.

The stunning photographs captured the male white lion in all his glory as he roamed the conservation.

One image shows the lion lying on the ground with its massive mane, while another captures the animal roaring.

Simon said of the magnificent white lion: “I captured these images to help promote @GGConseervation on social media.”

“It’s always a great feeling to capture images that will help support the charity I’m shooting for.”

“It’s hard to get people’s attention to a worthy cause, but strong visual images can help.

“All endangered animal species need our help if we expect them to live to see our children and grandchildren.

“We can only hope to save these species from extinction if we continue to support them.”

White lions are the result of a rare color mutation known as leucism, which gives them the appearance of being albino.

This condition causes animals to lose some pigmentation, giving them a distinctive white appearance.

A recessive gene known as a color inhibitor is the most common cause of leucism.

The Glen Garriff Lion Conservation received its first lion in 2002 and now has over 70 lions in its care.

White lion with impressive mane of hair proves a hit in South AfricaSimon Needham spotted the animal at Glen Garriff Lion ConservationThe lion’s unusual white appearance is caused by a condition known as leucism

Betty T. Simpson